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If you feel like watching a movie of an aerotow launch at Wallaby Ranch, I've uploaded one in 'Quick Time' format.

The movie was made using a Canon MV400i digital video camera fixed to the keel giving a 'keels eye view'

The movie can be played as it comes in so you can see it loading. It shows the launch, tow and release at 2,000 ft.
The music is from the 'Romantic Warrior' album by Chick Corea's band 'Return to Forever'.

Be warned though, it's FOUR megabytes in size and will take around 15 mins to load using a 56k modem.
It's very good quality though.

Another option is to watch the 'Real Player' version which is only 339k in size but much lower quality.

The flash movie above
is a taster of the actual quick time movie.



Wallaby Ranch is situated about 20 miles southwest of Orlando in Florida, USA.

The flight park is open year round but is most popular from around October through till the end of April. All flights are made from aerotow using Dragonfly tugs. The tug pilots are all highly experienced hang glider pilots and will drop you in the best lift they can find. Tows are usually to 2,000 ft or best thermal. The cost of each tow is $15. Don't bother to bring a tow release as Wallaby will fit your glider with one of their own.

Directions: From Orlando or the International airport, drive south on the Interstate 4 till the junction with the 27 for Clermont. Drive north on the 27 for about 1.5 miles till you get to the juction of Dean Still Rd. (There's a big Wallgreens pharmacy on this corner). Turn left on Dean Still Rd and go on for about another 1.5 miles. Look for a mail box on the left with some hang gliding stickers on it, Moyes, Laminar, etc. This is it.

Note: if you call the Ranch on (863) 424 0070 in advance they will arrange a pick up for you and your glider at the airport for $30. A cab will cost around $90.

XC potential is high. Cloudbase is usually around 5,000 ft and the lift can be strong, so too can the sink. Pilots frequently make flights to the west coast, around 60 miles. The best XC directions are north or south as there is no airspace to worry about. Orlando airspace starts just east of the ranch at 6,000 ft. Tampa airspace begins 30 miles away to the west at 3,000 ft.

Wallaby will train pilots from beginners using tandem gliders. Tuition flights are $75 per flight and the amount of tuition required depends on student aptitude.

You can rent a glider from around $50 per day if you don't bring your own. Add 50% to this if you take it XC. Any damages must be paid for.

Accomodation and Food:
Camping is charged at $5 per night per person. You can also rent motorhomes or cabins at around $20 per night. Food is also available on the ranch but if it's not to your taste then there are plenty of food outlets such as Denny's, Wendy's, Pizza Hut etc nearby.

There isn't a lot to do in the evenings around the ranch. Most people just drive to the local eating places. There are very few bars nearby. The liveliest area close to the ranch is on International Drive, just south of Orlando.

Remember that nothing in life is guaranteed. This also goes for the weather in Florida. You might be lucky and get airborne every day but probably you will be lucky to fly 50-70% of the time. The reason is that if it gets a bit windy, say over 12 mph, then they call it off. In the UK we are used to flying in the teeth of a gale but in Florida they do things a bit differently. The best flying days are nil wind or up to around 12 mph.

Gliders parked Trolley launch
First 200 feet Released at 2,000 ft
You can see the tug diving away down to the ranch

Pete Launching from trolley

The swimming pool



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